Diva II

Diva II

Sharing the design philosophy and key elements found in our more expensive designs, far from being hamstrung by compromise as many ‘cost-down’ turntables, Diva II is engineered holistically – each part designed specifically to contribute to an overall performance which is quite simply remarkable both in value and absolute terms.

"It'll be a seismic step up for those currently living with entry-level analog"
- Ed Kobesky

Key Features

  • Solid Aluminium Platter
  • Precision Sapphire Bearing
  • External PSU and Powerful Motor

Detail exposé

The foundation of the Diva II is an ultra-rigid, one piece aluminium casting. The arm and platter are mounted to this using a sapphire bearing and tight clamping system. The Diva II system of mechanical isolation, efficiently channels unwanted vibrations away from the record into the rigid chassis, keeping your favourite recordings vibrant and with every detail exposed.

"Diva II leads the field at its price point"
- Adam Smith

Design Upgrades

Design Upgrades

Evolution of its designs is what keeps AVID at the forefront of vinyl reproduction. Upgraded from its original design, the platter is precision machined aluminium with the composite cork mat, in common with our higher models. The use of this platter coupled with the softer surface material ensures an impedance miss-match with the record and, with the aid of the clamp, reduces unwanted vibrations entering the platter. 

The triple layered suspension offers exceptional isolation against unwanted acoustic feedback or ground borne vibration. Music is open and clear without any haze clouding the sound that you would associate with less capable designs.

"Diva II is hard to beat at its price point. Few record decks muster this level of cohesion, dynamic excitement and emotional content for the money"
- Deon Schoeman

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What's inside

Our single action clamp automatically flattens your records to the platter and channels vibration present within the record to the chassis below. This reduces the noise floor of the record itself, allowing you to hear more information and realism from your cherished records.

Precision machined from billet aluminium the metal platter gives a solidity and stability to the sound. Topped with our composite cork mat, interfacing the record to repel record vibration so it quickly transfers through our clamp bearing system, music is clear and crisp, exposing every minute detail in the mix.

Using the uniquely designed sapphire jewelled bearing common to all our turntables, we manage to eliminate rumble noise making our turntables silent. This is achieved due to the zero-lateral movement within the self-lubricating bearing which is also maintenance free for life. 

Such is our attention to detail; we temperature lock the bearing housing to the drive hub so that there is prefect concentricity and no chance of misalignment. This offers unparalleled mechanical tolerances for consistent speed, so the musical dynamics of your music is preserved.

Our uniquely designed chassis cast from large grain aluminium, optimising rigidity where its most required, keeping the tonearm and bearing locked into their respective positions. Any unwanted movement here will result in loss of musical information. A coating is applied to specifically damp high frequency vibration, so that both high and low frequency vibration is time aligned during dissipation, give a clear, focused and neutral sound.

Our resilient coupled suspension offers formidable immunity against acoustic feedback, keeping your listening experience focused and full of detail. Trapped between two layers of Sorbothane, a high absorption elastomer damps both plains of vertical movement. An additional foot layer maximises isolation from the supporting surface, adding another barrier to unwanted noise.

Machined from solid steel, the stand-alone 5Kg motor housing absorbs any vibration, preventing any getting into the turntable structure. The high torque motor providing the smooth silent operation to rotate the platter, making sure you keep the rhythmic pace of your music rock solid.

Although rare in affordable turntables, the benefits of an external power supply are hard to deny. We have equipped the Diva II with a purposed designed mains transformer and electronics to construct a supremely smooth and consistent rotational force. Feeding a powerful motor, the resulting stability and the huge dynamic sound is instantly recognisable as AVID.





33.3 & 45.0 RPM














24V 12mNm AC Synchronous


100-240VAC 50/60Hz 20 Watts Max. 


450 x 390 x 140mm (WxDxH overall)