You may not feel it, but vibration is always living with us, adversely effecting your Hi-Fi equipment and the sound you hear. Installing Platform beneath any audio equipment dramatically reduces vibration, producing an instantaneous improvement to your listening enjoyment.

 "It made a major improvement"
- Richard Black

Key Features

  • Instant Audible Improvements
  • Improved Imaging & Soundstaging
  • Smoother, Natural Tonal Balance

musical upgrade

Our comprehensive understanding of how unwanted vibration adversely affects the performance of audio equipment and pollutes the final sound, inspired us to design Platform. This might seem like an unnecessary addition to an already fairly inert system – that is, until you try one. Placed under your audio equipment, there is an instantaneous musical upgrade.

"Platform gave discernible improvements to the sound"
- David Price

Game Changer

Game Changer

Employing the vibration-absorbing qualities of Sorbothane, a material used in high-end hi-fi equipment for countless years, AVID pioneered a new variant compound in collaboration with a local university and the manufacturers of Sorbothane. Developing an impressively linear vibration absorbing material, the transformation in sound quality is both instantaneous and a revelation. Used in partnership with our ISOPUK and the improvements are a total game changer.

"Tightening up detail and stereo images considerably"
- Richard Black

2014: HiFi Choice Magazine "Recommended"



Black or Antique Oak


450 x 385 x 40mm




2.5KG (5.5Lbs)