Distinctive, Precision

Two words describe everything we do, distinctive precision. Each and every component is distinguished by bold and purposeful design that houses electronic engineering honed to precise micro-tolerances. Great to look at, certainly. Perfection to hear, definitely. The best of both worlds.

Made in England, valued throughout the World

Obsession runs through our DNA, an obsession to reach perfection.

Not trusting to others, we design and build virtually every single component ourselves to ensure we maintain total control over every stage of the process. Our CNC machines build to tolerances that are micrometres thin yet military grade robust, our circuitry delivers incredible performance, and every finished part is scrutinised by experts with decades of knowledge and experience.

Our people build and manufacture as though doing it for themselves, as well as the worldwide AVID family.

Analogue by Design

Like all the world’s great timepieces, we avoid the digital world.

Rather than using technology to try and mask the inevitable flaws that come with sound reproduction, we design our equipment to remove those flaws in the first place. This way we achieve purity of purpose and clarity in sound. It all stems from our decades old design philosophy: find the sources of bad vibration and eliminate them.

What you are left with is lightning fast, crystal clear sound, taking you not just close to the music but right inside it.

Nothing new, but always welcome...

Awards come in two basic varieties, those given to you by your own industry and those that are wholly independent. Over two decades AVID has won its unfair share of both, many, many times.

For our users, these numerous awards should be no more than a start point, providing objective, unbiased and honest guidance by globally acknowledges experts.

But to understand why journalists write such complimentary articles about us, you really have to audition the AVID system. Our doors are ever open for you to come along and do just that.

Built to enhance your life and reflect your lifestyle

When considering one of the best products on the planet, you have every right to demand it also looks like the best. Whatever your style, AVID equipment blends in like a piece of contemporary sculpture, reflecting your design choices and well as your need for flawless sound.

Built for Life

We do not have a production line; we have producers. Highly skilled individuals who know how to hand build individual components that are as bold on the outside as they are original within.

The same care we take assembling our equipment extends right down to the packaging, ensuring everything that we treasure reaches you in gem like condition.

From raw materials in, to finished products out, everything is constructed to one exceptional standard, that’s why you rarely see our products on the secondary market, customers keep them for life.

Forget the Past, Listen to the Future 

Not content to simply improve on the past, from the start we strived for breakthroughs.

As with the Acutus, AVID’s first original invention, our search for a more harmonious musical experience leads us time and again to transcend long held beliefs, question established theories, evaluate the past and invent the future. We do this by keeping every discipline in-house, growing our own experience and expertise, not simply buying it in and putting our name on it.

It all adds up to products that generate sounds that many find unparalleled at any price.

Don't ask for our Service Department, we don't have one

Nobody wants to talk about warranty, especially when they don’t have a service department. The truth is our products, built for life, rarely come home. A big boast, but utterly true.

Even so, for your peace of mind there is a fully comprehensive five-year, worldwide warranty. Register your product and simply keep in touch about upgrades.