Celsus Power

Celsus Power

This is what true evolution looks and sounds like. Refined from our reference range, much of the components and design have been transplanted, implementing our unwavering commitment for the ultimate listening experience in each price class.

The seamless harmonisation of authoritative sound with handcrafted technology means this is far more than just a status symbol but a sonic weapon to elevate every moment of your musical enjoyment.

Key Features

  • Protection System
  • 1500VA Power Transformer
  • 188,000uF of Storage Capacity
  • High Current Binding Posts

startling reality

Common to our larger amplifiers, there is a massive power transformer and current reserves just bursting to make sure that even the largest crescendos are conveyed with their full force.

Voices have an astonishing stability and space around them, making the musical experience captivating. Whilst there is immense power there is also control and a delicacy that allows the inner detail to be fully revealed with startling reality.


Musical coupling

Musical coupling

Designed to make your music enjoyable, thrilling the senses or relaxing the atmosphere, whatever takes your mood, but for sure it will surpass all expectations and keep you exploring your collection over and again.

Happy to be a stand-alone component, but obviously there is a natural attraction to the partnering Pre-Amplifier, a synergy of connections making for a perfect musical coupling.

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1x XLR  1x RCA (PAIRS)






115V OR 230V 


469 x 458 x 196mm (WxDxH)


31.7KG (70 Lb)

What's inside

Fundamentally using the same topology as our Reference models, the Celsus substantially draws on the same component library to deliver suburb clarity and dynamics. The ability to drive even difficult loudspeakers with ease makes listening a pleasurable and liberating experience. Using our bespoke polypropylene capacitors in critical signal paths, in place of traditional electrolytics, provides a more open and realistic soundscape. With both connection types offered, balanced cables can be used from the pre-amplifier to further eliminate extraneous interference, even when using long connecting cables, for vanishingly low background noise.

Comparable to our larger amplifiers, the power supply is highly specified, employing a massive 1500VA mains transformer and 188,000uF of storage capacity, so there is no shortage of power when required and even the largest crescendos are scaled.

Precision carved into the thick aluminium front panel is our distinctive logo and a stylish silver trim providing a striking contemporary design that sits in perfect harmony with your living space. Thick steel chassis and cover with our pattering hole embellishment provide screening against external noise and interference to leave you with unadulterated listening pleasure.