Amplification Overview

Connecting your source to the loudspeaker...

Little known, but our turntable power supplies are two channel integrated amplifiers driving twin coil motors, similar to loudspeaker coils.
So AVID venturing into what people usually consider audio electronics was not without some in-depth experience already in this field.
In fact, all our electronic designs, from Phonostage to our Pre, Power and Integrated Amplifiers, can be traced back to our turntable power supplies.

AVID started with the Pulsare Phonostage back in 2010, setting new standards of sound quality and ease of adjustability.
As with all our other products we quickly cascaded this down to more affordable designs.

Moving into Pre and Power amplifier design we presumptuously thought would be easy; overconfidence is never a good thing!
There was so much more involved than just adding a line level and volume control to a phonostage that it took seven years to develop.

Launching the Reference Pre and Mono Amplifiers in 2017, we employed many new developments, bespoke components and an insanely expensive volume control, but with the sole aim of designing something above anything else. We believe we have succeeded, and many agree.
Using many different loudspeaker types and brands for evaluation we developed what is now our Reference design.

From this we were able to cascade the same design technology down to lower price points and now there is a comprehensive range of products to suit most client’s budgets. But we have kept to our roots, so each Pre and Integrated Amplifier has its own built-in phonostage.

You can try and be everything to everyone, but you must make too many compromises on sound quality for functionality.
An AVID customer is usually a vinyl-based client who also needs other inputs for digital for instance, but sound quality is paramount.
Everything we design is driven by one key objective; Sound Quality.