Cartridge Design Overview

AVID have a very focussed view on how to achieve the best in sound quality, and with our turntables, it has always been our aim to create an environment that makes the task of the cartridge as easy as possible – by reducing the vinyl record noise floor and removing as much external vibration as possible.

Our turntables create a rigid, vibration free platform for the cartridge to work, allowing it to retrieve the most accurate signal and in the process, faithfully reproducing your treasured music collection, colouration free and with dynamic realism for your enjoyment.

We’ve now taken this to the next level by adding our engineering expertise to designing the Cartridge itself. Literally exploring every component part, leading us to design and manufacture our own body and yokes, we can ensure our cartridge is incredibly rigid and that the internal elements have the best mechanical connection to the rest of the record playing system to ensure that unwanted mechanical energy is transmitted away from the stylus as quickly as possible, leaving you with pure musical pleasure.

Our first cartridge is the Reference RUBY, a low output Moving Coil cartridge with a pure ruby cantilever. Ruby is an incredibly light and rigid material enhancing further the capabilities of this astounding device. Two further models, the BORON (Boron cantilever) and IONIC (Aluminium cantilever) will join the range during 2020.