AVID Customers...


The premier suppliers of canopies, shelters and walkways within the UK, supplying schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hospitality areas and outside smoking area covers. AVID supplies machined parts of high component quality with speed of delivery to meet demanding installation schedules.

Leyland Rubber

Any tool making requires high tolerances and superb finish; otherwise the finished product will show these imperfections. Our relationship with this company extends over many years, purchasing sorbothane isolation products, however since the installation of our precision engineering workshop we now reciprocate with precision tooling for castings.

Dispensing Liquid

Dispensing Liquid's is one of the worlds leading manufactures of precise mixing and dispensing machines. Used extensively by companies in all industries that require precision components to have resins and adhesives applied during manufacture, we manufacture pistons, seals and other machined parts to the high tolerances and finish required.

Lightning Cars

AVID has supplied locally based Lightning Cars. Currently in development, this revolutionary all electric sports GT is due for production in 2010 and was the star at the London Motor Show.

Mosler Motor Sport

AVID has been appointed supplier to locally based Mosler Motor Sport. Specialist racecar manufacturing requires high precision engineering, with attention to tolerance and finish. Mosler supplies various racing teams with long-range 24-hour endurance cars and is now making an impact on the GT3 circuits. In fact,
so successfully that British GT Mosler MT900R's have performance restrictions due to pressure from
other major manufacturers to establish race competitiveness.

Ferguson Hill

Speakers that shout unique style with minimal construction need exceptionally high standards of engineering and finish. Anything less would be quickly exposed. Manufacturing everything but the horn and drive unit, AVID ensures high levels of quality control for even the most discerning consumer.

London Cartridges

Some years ago we were commissioned to design the London 'Decca' Reference cartridge body. A big improvement on the old plastic carrier and thin body, the new machined from solid body is far more rigid and less resonant. With four outputs instead of the old three, cartridge fitting is more acceptable. Currently we not only manufacture the body but also the machined from solid shipping case.

Cannon Shelley

A subsidiary of Cannon Forma, an Italian company making thermoforming machines, it has supplied products to automotive and transportation, domestic and commercial refrigerators, sanitary ware and various other industries. We machine spare parts for the many machines used throughout the UK, being more economical than importing from Italy. With companies from Electrolux and Whirlpool to Lotus and Ford using these machines, economical precision spares keep things working.

Talk Electronics

Producing a range of audio electronics and compact disc players, Talk Electronics standards of finish are world class for its price point. Attention to detail is exceptional and front fascias machined by AVID make sure the right impression is made.