Audio '10 HIFI Show       September 25-26th 2010

AVID HIFI - World Premiers - New Products - September HIFI Show

Located at Whittlebury Hall in Northamptonshire, AVID will showing our new Pulsus phono stage using the Diva II SP turntable with our Isorak support system. Also on view for the true high-end customer will be our Reference Pre-Amplifier and Reference Mono Blocks which should be available by the end of the year.

All audiophiles, distributors, retailers and press are invited.

Come, see and listen too;

  • Turntables       -   Diva II against Diva IISP
  • Phono-Stage   -   Pulsus Phono-Stage
  • Cables              -   SCT Black and ASC
  • Support Rack  -   ISORAK - stackable support rack system

A superb location, located near Silverstone Race Track, it provides an ideal setting to exhibit our new products. Easy to get too, thousands do every year for the Formula 1, with free parking and the perfect place for overseas visitors to stay and enjoy the extensive facilities.

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