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NEW PARTNER -     It's our pleasure to welcome Martins HIFI based in Norwich as our partner for the East Anglian region.                                  Our launch event is planned for July 14/15, so watch our Facebook page for details.

VOLVERE SP -    "When I think of turntables and stunning looks one name, AVID, always comes to mind.
                             Janine Elliot gets her hands on the British company’s £4000 Volvere turntable.   (read more...)

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner PS Audio Scandinavia based in Denmark.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome our new distribution partner Zesen Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.                                  based in the vast market of China.

TAIWAN & CHINESE SUPPORTED -     We now have added to our dedicated WebPages with Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese versions                                                                and trust this will help in their local markets.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner Dr. Soundwave based in Indonesia.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner Stereomax Sretenovic based in Serbia.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner Sky Audio (PTY) Ltd based in South Africa.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to announce the expansion of distribution territory of IDC Klaassenbased in Germany to include                                  The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

NEW PARTNER -     AVID welcomes Nintronics based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire as our partner for North London and                                  Home Counties with open days planned over the coming months so watch our Facebook page for details.

WEB CHANGE -     If your reading this then you'll possibly realise the old web address is no longer operational.
                               Now replaces the previous address which is closed.

NEW PARTNER -     It's our pleasure to welcome Sound Academy based in Bloxwich, Birmingham as our partner for the Midlands, Wales                                  and surrounding areas and plans for several events over the coming months so watch our Facebook page for details.


NEW PARTNER -     We are delighted to welcome our new distribution partner Absolute Phase based in the India.

UP COMING EVENTS -     Come and Preview our new Reference Pre and Mono Amplifiers due out later this year.
                                          We have store events at Fanthorpes on 14-15th August followed by Stone Audio on 21-22nd August.

NEW PARTNER -     We are delighted to welcome our new distribution partner Avero based in the Ukraine.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner The Listening Room based in Sri Lanka.

ACUTUS SP -     "...sure to turn analog skeptics into fans." Robert Archer from CE Pro Magazine reports   (read more...)

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner IDC Klaassen based in Germany.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner TD Elektronika d.o.o. based in Croatia.

INGENIUM -     "AVID “T"s Off with Low Priced Ingenium Turntable" Michael Fremer reports   (read more...)

NEW UK PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome, covering the South West, our new UK partner Stone Audio based near Poole. We are planning some interesting events at their prestigious facilities with details to follow.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner Living Sound based in Thailand.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner ICAP Iberia based in Spain.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner Sound Decisions Pte Ltd based in Singapore.

NEW UK PARTNER -     We are delighted to welcome our new UK retail partner Norman Hobbs located in Haywards Heath. AVID becomes their exclusive premier turntable brand and is the South East's location to listen to all AVID products. We also have an official launch event planned for Friday 9th and Saturday 10th May, so please call or find details on our Facebook page.

INGENIUM -     "What more could you want from a turntable?" Australian HIFI Magazine explains   (read more...)

MusicALE -     Northern hi-fi dealer Audioworks is bringing together hi-fi products from AVID and Focal along with craft beers from the Quantum Brewing Company at the Magnet Free House in Stockport. The event takes place next March 20th.

Conrad Mas – designer and owner of AVID – will be there to play and discuss his fine turntables and phono stages and Dave Speirs from Focal will be showing some of the brand’s latest loudspeakers.

This is a ticketed event, so please contact the store by telephone, 0161 428 7887, or email

SEQUEL SP -     "Even casual listening may turn into a purchase of this beautifully looking and brilliantly sounding turntable."
Marcin Olszewski and Jacek Pazio of share their findings.   (read more...)

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner Professional Product Line (P.P.L.) based in France.

SPIN 360 -     Take our products for a visual spin with our 360 viewer, accessed from the main menu...

INGENIUM -     "Assured, confident and neutral performance; superb build quality" Ed Selley tells all   (read more...)


VERDICT -     "The Diva II SP may look near identical to the more affordable Diva II, but in practice, the SP is streets ahead of its already impressive junior sibling." Deon Schoeman reports on the Diva II SP   (read more...)

INGENIUM -     "In the beginning I said the words "budget sample table”. That is definitely not the Ingenium." Lees Verder of gives his account.   (read more...)

COMPANY PROFILE -     Ed Selley visits and reports on how AVID's progressive attitude is taking us forward...   (read more...)

NEW UK PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome another new UK retail partner The Audioworks based in CHEADLE. AVID becomes their premier turntable brand and is the North West's location to listen to all AVID products. We also have an official launch event planned for Friday 25th and Saturday 26th October, please call them for details.

INGENIUM TWIN -     "It has taken a while for AVID to go sub £1k with their decks but the result was worth waiting for." Ed Selley takes the Ingenium for a spin   (read more...)

NEW UK PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new UK retail partner Fanthorpe's based in HULL. Trading since 1946, AVID becomes their premier turntable brand and with a showroom upgrade undertaken is the North East's location to listen to all AVID products.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner Radar Audio Company based in Hong Kong.

NEW PARTNER -     We are pleased to welcome new distribution partner Thanh Tung Audio Co Ltd from Vietnam.

ACUTUS BLACK -     We are pleased to confirm both Acutus models are now available in a lustrous black finish.   (read more...)

PELLAR -     Much like the AVID turntables, each phonostage in the range has increasingly more dynamic punch, low level detail and low frequency heft.   (read more...)

INGENIUM -     awarded 5 Globles with HIFI World magazine.   (read more...)

WELCOME 2013 -     Jeff Dorgay of Tone Audio Magazine says "This level of performance, convenience and style makes for an award winning product. We awarded the Ingenium one of our ten Publishers Choice awards for 2012, and feel that this table is at the top of the $2,000 turntable category in every way."   (read more...)


2012 ENDS -     with another award, this time from Tone Audio magazine.
Ingenium's first review receives the "Publisher's Choice Award". Not a bad start then for our new product.

AWARDS -     We're delighted the Diva II SP received an award by America's Stereophile magazine in their annual "Best Sounding High-End Audio Products" list for 2012 and topping off the year the Pulsare II wins "Phonostage of the Year" awarded by HIFI World Magazine.

INGENIUM -     Our new entry level turntable opening a window to quality vinyl reproduction, with the opportunity to use today's wide variety of available pick up arms...   (read more...)

PULSARE II & PELLAR -     Now both available in Silver finsh.

PELLAR -     "Absolutely Wizard" says HIFI World magazine; "...the Pellar cuts the sonic rubbish out of the aural picture, the low distortion sound provides excellent instrumental separation that allows the ear to pick up subtle sounds that are often hidden behind the distortion, giving music an evenly representative presentation...   (full review...)

PULSUS -     "The Pulsus is simply a bargain..." says Ken Kessler in phonostage group test   (read more...)

PELLERE PHONO -     finalises our phonostage range, bridging the gap between Pulsare and Pulsus. Using the best of both products, it adds to an already successful range and paves the way for our future electronics range...   (read more...)

PELLAR -     First review says... "The Pellar is open, explicit and always entertaining."  and  "The Pellar is also something of a champ in terms of timing."  and  "AVID should be very pleased with its new arrival, and it warrants inclusion on any audition shortlist."   (full review...)

PULSARE II -     "The AVID Pulsare II is the best phono amp that I have ever heard."   (full review...)

SEQUEL SP -     "For audiophiles of a certain age, ultra-clean quite vinyl reproduction was very much the Holy Grail. We dreamed of a turntable that made our LP's sound like master tapes. If that's still your idea, then check out the Sequel SP."
" It sounds so natural and truthful, your attention is immediately grabbed by the music and performance - indeed you almost forget it's there."
  (read the full review...)

ITALIAN LANGAUGE -     first German, then Polish versions of our website
Now in Italian and with others still to follow our thanks to everyone who has and continues to support this.

JUNE LAUNCH-     for the new PELLAR phonostage, AVID's new entry level unit based on the Pulsus...   (read more...)

PULSARE II -     is now shipping but on back order. First batch is sold out and second production run is going fast as orders come in.
Now with mono and subsonic filter operated from the front panel, with the additional feature of custom loading, this product raises the bar again. Improvements to sound quality have also been realised with new capacitors to the phono unit and PSU.   (more information)

Existing customers of the original Pulsare can upgrade the capacitors only, which offers the same sound quality as the new Pulsare II, but without the new features...   (See our upgrades page for more information)

POLISH LANGAUGE -     building upon our dedicated German translation, we are pleased to have our Polish version of key pages.
Tailored to suit the local market it will soon develop with its own specific pages of information. Other languages will follow, all accessed directly or from our front page.

TWITTER -    adding to Facebook you can now follow us on Twitter...   (join here...)

VOLVERE/SEQUEL -    It may cost £500 more now but the money has been efficiently invested into a design that turns an excellent design into one that is a finger tip away from brilliant. Both Volvere and Sequel get improvements...   (read more...)

DIVA's -    If the company’s Acutus Reference SP isn’t in the budget, think of its entry-level ‘tables
as the equivalent of a Boxster and Boxster S...   (read more...)


PULSUS -    I can tell you how the Pulsus performs in my system, and without mincing words, it’s a giant killer...but in truth the Pulsus competes with far more costly units and I think its competition may need to go back to the drawing board.
The Pulsus is a grand slam home run.   (read more...)

RMA SCHEME INTRODUCED -    with immediate effect any product or part being returned to AVID must use the Returned Material Authorisation scheme (RMA). The scheme significantly enhances the processing speed of returned items. AVID will not accept any returned product that is not accompanied by the required RMA documentation.   (read more...)

VOLVERE SP -    Germany's Image HIFI Magazine:   "Even with the affordable Rega 301 and Dynavector DV-20X2 the Volvere SP is so superb, colourful and dynamic and on such high performance level, that it's worth asking if it can be improved at all."
(Download full review...)
PDF file size 6Mb

ISORAK -     Well designed, easy to assemble, move and modify and producing top quality sound, the Isorak is a no-brainer if you're looking for an isolation shelving system.   (read more...)

CABLES -     "AVID seems to have that nailed."...HIFI PLUS's editor Alan Sircom confirms another great product.   (read more...)

PULSUS -     "I’m guessing you’ll take one home."...says Jeff Dorgay from Tone Audio... (read more...)

PULSARE -     "As such, this unit will remain as my reference for some time to come. It’s not leaving my house. It gets me more involved with the music then ever before and brings me another step closer to the real thing."...says Martin Appel from (read more...)

CALLING TIME -     our Limited Edition Clock has just about sold out with only three remaining.
If you’re thinking of one of these, act now before the time runs out.

PULSUS -     "...this is likely the phono stage I'll buy."...says Ed Kobesky from Positive Feedback... (read more...)

PULSARE -     "You owe it to yourself to give a listen to this phono section before choosing any other moderately priced—or even top of the line phono stage"...says Myles Astor from Positive Feedback... (read more...  including an interview with Conrad Mas)

DIVA II SP -     sets new standards with the French Haute Fidélité magazine with a coveted Best Buy Award... (read more...)

MULTI LANGAUGE -     starting with German, key pages of our website will be available in different languages, which will hopefully help our potential customers in the many parts of the world where we reach.

REFERENCE SP HITS THE SPOT -     the world's best on-line publication appreciates the qualities of our flag-ship turntable. Discover and download your own copy or read the review here...(read more...)

FACEBOOK -     We are happy to announce the launch of our Facebook page. Facebook provides a community platform where everyone has the freedom to share and discuss. So why exactly should you join?
• Behind the scenes photos and videos, • New product developments, • Owners images, and much more ... (go there now...)

PULSARE KEEPS RACKING UP THE AWARDS -     when something costing nearly £4K gets awarded an "Exceptional Value Award" you just know it's simply exceptional... (read more...)

ANNIVERSARY PAST -     This Limited Edition turntable is now sold out. AVID has retained one unit for display purpose and may be sold at a later date. If you were saving for this unit, fear not. We are working on a new design which will remain in production and should be available later this year.

“This is going to cause a revolution, I thought” -    ... “I’m not sure what's better, or even as good”... says Michael Fremer from Stereophile Magazine upon hearing the Diva II SP... (read more...)

PULSARE -    "... an unusual accomplishment!"... high praise for our phono stage from HIFI World Magazine... (read more...)


PULSUS -    Highly configurable phono stage with a penchant for pace and precision. Great dynamics, and expansive staging. An exciting, top-class unit say's Deon Schoeman in South Africa... (read more...)

PRICE INCREASE -     Due to the increase in raw material costs, we must unfortunately raise the cost of our products effective from January 1st 2011. We have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible, but we hope this notice will benefit some who may wish to purchase before the increase takes effect. Contact your local AVID representative for more details.

AVID RELOCATES -     Following a period of rapid growth, AVID HiFi is please to announce their move to a new, dedicated production facility which offers substantial scope for future growth and flexibility.... (read more...)

RUSSIAN PRESIDENT -     Known for his enthusiasm for high-end audio, President Dmitry Medvedev is enjoying the Acutus Reference SP and the Pulsare phonostage... (read more...)

DIVA MK.1 SP UPGRADE -    It is now possible to upgrade the original Diva MK.1 to use the current DSP Variable speed power supply and twin belt drive system. This allows the speed to be correctly adjusted electronically, offers switchable speed change, but most importantly improves the sound quality. Bass is deeper and better controlled, lower noise floor and improved stability improves both the midrange and treble... (read more...)

TIME OUT -    Due to our improved website menu people have found our Limited Edition Clock and it is nearly sold out.
If you were thinking of one of these, better act now and contact us, before time runs out... (read more...)

CLARITY IMPROVED -    Our Alignment gauges add an extra frisson of clarity for this reviewer... (read more...)

PULSUS -    First review produces 5 Globes Product award with HIFI World magazine... (read more...)

ACUTUS REFERENCE SP -    Following on from the previous months Pulsare review and award, HIFI NEWS features the Reference SP on the front cover and awards "Outstanding Product"... (read more...)

WHITTLEBURY SHOW CONFIRMED -    We'll be there - come to see our new and future products... (read more...)

PULSARE;   FIRST REVIEW;   FIRST AWARD -   HIFI NEWS reviews and awards "Outstanding Product"... (read more...)

CALIFORNICATION SEASON 4 -   has started filming another season, again using our Black Volvere... (read more...)

CABLE REVIEWS -    People are listening now...(read more...)

AVID DIVA -   "it's a guilt-free purchase"...(read review...)

AVID CABLE STRIKES A CHORD -    Reviews don't come much better than this...(read more...)

AVID PRODUCTS are known for their longevity and high second-hand residual values. To this end, we maintain a database of serial numbers and ownership details of both new and second-hand products. If you are interested in purchasing a used AVID product, we strongly recommend you obtain the serial number and contact us before purchase to confirm the products' history and legitimacy.

UPGRADES -    We are committed to continually improving our products and were possible we make these upgrades available to all owners. Upgrades can only be supplied in full, partial upgrades are not available....(read more...)


TOP AWARD -    Product of the Year 2009 is awarded to our Acutus turntable by Poland's High Fidelity. Whilst we already have many awards, this is especially gratifying as it’s decided over all formats and equipment types. Good to see that despite its demise decades ago, vinyl played by AVID still reigns supreme.

YET MORE SHOWS -    Follow us on the show blog to Warsaw, Poland. One of the best shows we have ever visited and with 8500 visitors never a quite moment........ PICTURES

MORE SHOWS -    had us visiting Madrid and Paris on 17/18 October. See you there or follow us on the show blog ........ HERE

SHOW TIME -    has come around again and with so many new products AVID has two rooms full of World Premiers. From the Anniversary turntable and Pulsare phonostage to our new Isorak and accessories.
Sorry if you can't make the trip, or just a retailer to busy watching an empty shop, because its all happening here.
If you can't visit us, AVID will have its own show blog during the event, with images and comment. Follow us........ HERE

GLOBAL CONSPIRACY UNCOVERED -    HIFI Choice magazine has exclusively uncovered AVID's global conspiracy involving every other publication across the world. Diva II gets 'bloodied' by rivals that have faired less well in all other journals. Reports of blind listening tests in small room leaked by one of the listening panel onto audio forums before publication confirming professional journalistic standards.
Its discovered the original Diva was superior and that AVID cut costs by replacing the old platter with....the same one !!
Either the rest of the world's press has it wrong or perhaps AVID is really hurting the competition. Listen for yourself and judge.

SP SPREADS -    Two years in development, the existing AVID range improves. Turntables above Diva2sp have new power supplies incorporating DSP technology, twin belt drive and revised main bearings. Speed adjustments are now possible using the power supply and improved frequency signal generation has improved motor stability and vibration, further improving its smooth power delivery.

Additionally all these models use our new twin belt drive and revised bearing, improving platter dynamics. Treble definition, bass attack and control has improved keeping our products sound quality ahead of the field.   more details to follow

All existing turntables can be upgraded directly with the factory.

SILENT POINT -    New bearing material improves bearing noise still further...(read more...)

LAUGHABLE 'PLUS' -    Previously we mentioned a new 'jump on the bandwagon' turntable which appeared in HIFI Choice iss.319.

Now it seems the original company who was tasked to manufacture them is 'flogging' them off as they have not sold, hence another review of the same thing in HIFI World iss.7 under a different brand. Whilst we welcome anyone to this market with new, fresh and progressive designs, its a pity that so many 'me too designs' have recently arrived in a hope to make a fast buck.

One thing you are assured of with an AVID. We design and manufacture ourselves, have a unique design philosophy, don't copy or make better others or use 'me too' materials. You'll be happy that in six months time you will not see the same turntable with a different badge for half the price being parallel sold. Many companies make turntables, but there's only one AVID.

Audio '09 CONFIRMED -    Come meet us and see our new products... (read more...)

AVID DIVA II SP -    AVID's latest addition builds on the sucessful Diva II and makes some big improvements... (read more...)

AVID ISOPUK -    Adding on the success of our new alignment gauges, ISOPUK offers an isolation solution... (read more...)

UK PRESS HAILS DIVA -    Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, UK magazine HIFI World tests the Diva II in a group test.
With comments like "the AVID is poised, sophisticated and blessed of the sort of scale, grandeur and authority that usually commands a much higher price tag..." and "As far as I am concerned, the Diva II leads the field at this price point..." (read more...)

AFRICAN DIVA -    Reviews don't come much better than this...(read more...)

NEW TRACKING -    Phono cartridge alignment gauges for universal use and specific ones for SME, Linn and Rega style arms...
(read more...)

AVID OPEN-DAY -    Many have expressed an interest to visit our factory, see how we manufacture and listen in our demonstration room. We have set aside June 24th as our open-day, however due to the restrictions of our location, numbers are limited. There will be a morning and afternoon session and with only 15 spaces for each session you need to contact us ASAP to book your place...(read more...)

LAUGHABLE -    The latest issue of HIFI Choice magazine (iss. 319 - MAY) here in the UK has run a review of a new turntable. Whilst we are not making comment on its design or quality, there was something written that clearly shows the difference between a product designed with a philosophy and one which is just made for the sake of making money.
AVID has a distinct design philosophy which involves everything from precision engineering and micro mechanics through to the psychical properties of materials, resonance control and impedance characteristics. This is what makes for the final product and the quality of product you expect to hear. When reading the following statement, it truly makes you wonder about some products.
HFC: What's the difference between acetyl an acrylic?
JJ: I'm not sure. I think there's a very slight difference, but the main factor was that acetyl was cheaper....
Perhaps when you 'think' about such a product you should ask about a 'slight' discount and not bother with the 'main factor' MUSIC !!

LONDON DEMO'S -    AVID will be exhibiting with our retailer, AudioWorkshop at the forth-coming London Hi-fidelity show on March 28/29th. There will be closed demonstrations at 12 noon on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday, so come listen to the difference between the models in our range and talk about our future products... (show details...)

ACUTUS STILL ON TOP -   First major review of the Acutus since 2003 still puts the Acutus on top of the hifi world... (read more...)

NAIMED PICTURE -   Naim's forum has many loyal contributors the World over and the envy of many other brands.
Every year proud owners post pictures of their systems and the winning 2008 image was of particular interest to us;
<< winning image >>

Regarding the forum, recently AVID has become topical, with supporters and the detractors who have little or no experience of our products but a lot to say nevertheless. From our perspective I'm pleased that there is, if somewhat ignorant and biased, such passion expressed about our hobby, although some ill-informed remarks are as childish as the alias names given.

We manufacture our products to the highest standards for those who enjoy what we offer, we do not force people to listen or buy our products, however it shows the importance of an unbiased demonstration and the listeners audacity to purchase without fear of ridicule.

One recent thread saw some people being censored as passions rose, however one comment stood out from all the rest....

'I just don't think these decks are as night and day as many of you seem to think - I use both AVID Sequel and LP12; both with AROs and Dynavectors through Naim and they're both great, albeit one might be slightly more musical / propulsive & one might be more neutral / clean / dynamic but to suggest that one or the other is 'broken' / worse than an SL1210 / boingy, noisy, boring is just plain foolish'

POST AVID ROADSHOW -   Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Norwich Road Show. It proved to be an interesting evening with much involvement, listening and good discussions. We are looking forward to the next event, which will be posted shortly.

AVID ROADSHOW -   We are please to confirm that throughout 2009, AVID will be hosting several dealer events, giving you the chance to meet us in person and hear the difference our turntables can make. First event will be held in Norwich with our dealer 'Audioworkshop' on Wednesday 18th February. Spaces are limited, so please contact either AVID or our dealer to confirm your place. Future dates will be confirmed in the near future.

AVID ON BBC -   ok so it’s in the background. At the launch of the Lightning sports car last year, which AVID help manufacture parts, an interview was conducted with Lightning MD Chris Dell. Talking in the background was AVID's MD Conrad Mas, with one of the world's best known audio reviewers, Paul Messenger. Discussing AVID input into the project, its something we hope to become further involved with throughout 2009. During the interview you see some of the parts manufactured by us, noteably the charge point with all its glowing LEDs and the interior metalwork. See the odd glimpse of an Acutus turntable which is playing the background music and pictures...

<< View >>

<< Talking >>

<< Inside Car >>

<< Full Report >>

MANUAL DOWNLOADS -   Revised and improved, our instruction manuals for current products are available in PDF format to download. Now including a comprehensive picture gallery assembly guide, existing owners will find this useful and anyone thinking of investing in one of our designs.

IT'S TRUE -   an AVID Diva II finds its way into the pages of HIFI News. New management?... (read more...)

DOWN UNDER -   Volvere shows the way its 'done right' in New Zealand... (read more...)


AWARDS -   it's that time of year, when products exceptional performance is recognised and this year the Sequel wins 'turntable of the year' from HIFI World magazine... (read more...)

AVID SCREENS -   from China a movie advert staring Jeff Cheung, filmed by our distributor at their impressive Hong Kong showroom and featuring an AVID Volvere with supporting roles by Chord, Focal and a very pretty girl... (read more...)

WHAT HIFI MAGAZINE exposes AVID -    more motor show press... (read more...)

IMAGES FROM HONG KONG -    a selection of images from the recent hifi show... (read more...)

MOTOR SHOW SUCCESS -    adventures outside audio... (read more...)

PLATFORM RECEIVES SUPPORT -    latest HFC review... (read more...)

LONDON MOTOR SHOW -    Acutus on show... (read more...)

VIVA LA DIVA -   First review of our new Diva II... (read more...)

RACING AHEAD -   AVID become's level one supplier to Mosler Motorsport... (read more...)

AVID SCREENS -   Many have noticed AVID turntables being used during the first series of the American critically acclaimed comedy 'Californication', starring David Duchovny. Filming has commenced on the second series, again using the Black Volvere.
Making an appearance in an AMEX advert screened in the USA, the Acutus makes a stunning opening view, whilst a rare chrome finished Volvere, one of only 21 ever made, again makes the opening of a YouTube movie. (read more...)

NEW WEBSITE -   Welcome to our new, clean, fresh looking website which has much more information. More company profile reviews, better navigation through our products and purchase menus and our support section. Here you can register your product, contact our dedicated technical support desk and download print quality images.

NEW DIVA II -   Production of the original Diva turntable stopped last year, despite demand, in the face of ever-rising material costs its retail price became to high. Coupled with our decision to break links with our Japanese distributor, its original intended market, we saw the opportunity to produce a turntable more akin to our other designs. Our goals of improved sound quality, ease of use and target price over the previous model have been achieved and supplies should be available in June 2008. (read more...)

PRODUCT REGISTRATION -   This new online service lets you to extend your warranty from two years to five. Any existing owner can register, whether you’re the initial purchaser or you bought the unit used. You can help us with information about yourself, which in turn lets us keep you better informed, from pending new products to exhibitions. (read more...)

NAIM SLIDE -   Our new precision adapter for the naim aro pick up arm is now available. Easy mounting onto any of our turntables, the naim arm can now be adjusted accurately for overhang using our supplied alignment gauge, giving better stylus tracking, reduced distortion and record wear during playback. A cue mechanism and adjustable armrest help to make this arm user-friendlier. Purchase direct from us or through one of our outlets. (read more...)

LEVEL 45 -   More than just a level, an AVID precision level, complete with 45rpm adapter. Level everything from racks to turntable platters. Ideal to level suspended turntable platters as when used together it weighs 180grms. The level can be used over the centre spindle to be ultra precise. Purchase direct from us or through one of our outlets. (read more...)

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